Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Crotchet Braids Protective Style + Savvy Chic Hair Beauty Hub Holiday Specials!!

How's everyone doing? Hope well! In my last post, I shared that I was going to get some crotchet braids done...well I had been eyeing this newly revived box braid bob hairstyle;


And you and I know there was no way I was going to cut my hair in a bob for this hairstyle, so I decided to try the next best thing- CROTCHET BRAIDS!

I decided to use some blonde in front to give the hair style that extra oomph!!

The installation was relatively pain free, there were a few naughty strands that were too thick to form a secure knot so we left those out and for those trying to DIY, make sure the hole at the start of the braid is big enough for the braid to pass through and you should be fine.

I had these in for just a little over a week and got bored/hot (perks of having a salon, free hair!!), to maintain it...all I did was spritz my scalp nightly and oil my edges so the extensions didn't dry the hair out. In terms of longevity I think this hairstyle has the tendency to get rough early especially if like I did, the tips are burnt...what I would do differently next time is not burn the tips but have them securely tied and the ends cut blunt like I've seen others do because I found that the burnt ends were sticking together and pulling the hair apart from the strands causing them not to look neat, to remedy this I just simply trimmed the braids that had hair sticking out and the great part was I trimmed with no fear since my hair was not in any of the braids.

Took the braids out some nights ago and something very interesting happened but that's a post for another day, let's move on to what's in store at SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB from tomorrow Black Friday till Christmas Eve!! 

These are the special packages we have for those who visit the hub this holiday season!!

10% OFF Instant Faux Locs-

15% OFF Knotless braids when you get an add on Steam treatment.

FREE Simple updo with every wash and condition 

10% OFF the Dandruff Be Gone treatment package

10% OFF Crotchet Braids when you add on a Steam Treatment

FREE Travel Sized Savvy and Chic Shea butter cup with any purchase of Savvy and Chic products(includes satin caps, pillow cases, scarfs and. Bigger Shea butter tubs).

5% OFF the Mason Jar tubs of Savvy Chic whipped Shea butter with every SILK PRESS treatment 

Kids get a FREE hair accessory with any hair treat.

SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB is at 30 Norman Williams St, Ikoyi. Lagos. Appointments can be made via this no. 08090613325.

And that's all ladies!! I am pretty much ready for the holidays to come as I am so exhausted and just want to relax and be around family, so is it too early to wish you all a Merry Christmas?  LOL!!

Thanks as usual for stopping by!


Tuesday, 17 November 2015


It's been  while since I shared a weekend treat here but best believe I have been giving my hair treats...this past weekend was no exception thanks to Ibiola of Nubian Roots (PROUDLY NIGERIAN PRODUCTS) and Renpure products which I got with my imports!!

So it all started off with the NUBIAN ROOTS DC Hair Masque...this masque is packed with super moisturizing ingredients like Aloe vera gel, water, slippery elm, marshmallow also contains  shea butter, essential oils, coconut oil, vit E oil...

I applied just it to my dry hair from root to tip as per usual and went under the steamer, didn't add any other product as I wanted to test it's potency...and it didn't disappoint!

I proceeded to rinse the masque out after steaming and washed my scalp with the NUBIAN ROOTS Sulphate Free Hair Cleanser- this product did just what it says!! It gently cleansed my scalp which had build up without stripping my hair off as it is free of sulphates, so there was not a whole lot of lather, just enough to make my scalp feel clean plus it has such a soothing smell and effect to the scalp!! 

After cleansing my scalp, I wasn't done yet!! I proceeded to use a new product whose reviews just got me all kinds of excited when I stumbled on them months ago on You tube!! The Renpure Originals Brazilian Keratin conditioner is the said product!! This product is a protein based conditioner that is PACKED with strengthening ingredients specifically aimed at building the hair shaft and infusing keratin( what the hair is made of) back to weak and brittle hair!!It's sulphate free, gluten free, paraben free, free from dyes and any harsh chemicals that strip the hair of it's natural oils. The brand is so big on building keratin that it provides a pictorial demonstration of how it works on the back bottle!

These are the small bottles

 It comes with a shampoo but I decided to just try the conditioner as I wanted just a light protein treatment, left that on my hair for about 10 minutes and then rinsed it out with cold water...and I mean super cold water, I wanted my hair to completely seal in all the yummy goodness it just recieved!!

I proceeded to air dry and then used the RENPURE Coconut whipped cream leave in conditioner and the NUBIAN ROOTS Shea Coco hair butter(not pictured) to my damp hair, focusing on the tips...and let's just say it was luxuriation at it's finest ladies!! My hair felt truly moisturized and soft afterwards!

All Products (except the leave in creme) and lots more available at Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub- 30 Norman Williams st, Ikoyi Lagos. Contact No. 0809063325.
Prices as follows- The Nubian roots DC Masque N3000
                     The Nubian roots sulphate free Hair cleanser- N3000
                      The Nubian roots Shea Coco Hair Butter- N2000
                      Renpure Brazilian Keratin conditioner 32oz- N3500

It's Tuesday and my hair has not lost the shine and luster...

I truly pampered this hair mainly because I'm hiding it away in my third CROTCHET BRAID protective style this year...stay tuned to see what style I do!

Till then ladies, eyes on the clock as the COUNTDOWN BEGINS FOR THE CROWNING OF 2015's 6 INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE CHAMPION!!! Who will win the $100 prize and who will be the runner ups!! I'm excited to see your results!!!

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Friday, 13 November 2015

All about Glycerin

How's everyone doing? This post was supposed to go up on Wednesday but you know what? Life happened and I apologize to anyone who came by looking for it!

Anyways, our topic is about an ingredient found in most hair products that acts as a humectant (attracts moisture). It is a compound that usually comes from soap making where plant oils are used that is why most times it is referred to as vegetable glycerin or the water free form, glycerol and It is generally great with helping maintaining moisture levels and manageable hair BUT there is a BUT!!

You see we are in November and though the weather has been weird lately and we've had rains this month, the Nigerian weather calendar classifies this month, December through to about February the Harmattan season which means less rain/humidity and more dryness and stiffness in the air, now how does that affect the use of glycerin?

This compound is highly affected by weather conditions so that when the air is humid and airy/rainy season and it's applied to the hair, it will pull all that moisture from the air to the hair and cause the hair to stay moist and manageable however when the weather is stiff and dry/harmattan season the reverse occurs when it's applied to the hair, the moisture leaves your hair back to the atmosphere and in that case, glycerin will aid even more dryness to your hair which can cause brittleness(lack of elasticity) and breakage.

In essence what am I saying? For us in Naija when our weather decides to choose one and the rains stop and harmattan fully sets in, avoid glycerin and products with large volumes of glycerin(mostly leave in conditioners) as much as you can because you will be doing more harm than good!! For those outside Naija with 4 seasons, I think the season to avoid glycerin will be winter, yes it's cold but the coldness usually comes with dry/stiff air not humidity or moisture like in fall/autumn, summer or spring...

That will be all ladies, I know this knowledge is already known by the veterans but the newbies to the hair journey game need to know this too!! :)

As usual thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!!


Thursday, 5 November 2015


How's everyone doing?! For those who have followed this blog this year, you'd have noticed that I have used quite a number of wigs as a way to protective style 
more than ever before and the Bisa wig from Janet Collection is one of the wigs I bought in August.... Its described as a 'Natural Superflow deep part lace wig'.

I saw sooo many great reviews about this wig and because of the thickness and closeness to relaxed looking straight hair, I chose to get it but when the wig came, I HATED the color I chose (I still do actually!!). I got it in SC1223 which I thought would be more of an ombré color with dark roots and blonde tips but what came was this;

Besides being super long, it came with big chunks of dark and blonde highlights which I feel are just too harsh looking and just make the wig look dated- Think Christina Aguilera in the early 2000s!!

I went ahead to chop the hair off to a more reasonable length, I chopped it diagonally so the ends are not blunt, I also tweezed the parting a little more to make the parting more pronounced and as usual used concealer on the parting to make it more natural looking.

The day I got it

This wig can also be curled as it's made of heat flex fiber- the 
heat can be up to 360F for up to 30 to 60 seconds per hold. So though it's not human hair it's premium synthetic fiber hair meaning the price is RIGHT( not expensive-wide grin) and for synthetic hair, I think the quality is quite good, it doesn't tangle easily at the length I cut it to and shedding has honestly been minimum, All I wish is that I just got a regular color like a 1b, 2 or 4!! See this wig in what I'm guessing is a 1b-

Isn't it just GORG?! Love the thickness and the texture....Oh well we live and learn!!

That's that with this wig's review! For those that have asked about imports, I unfortunately won't be opening any more windows this year until next year purely because of the stress that is involved in bringing stuff in at the end of the year(trust me I've had my share of woes) and the last thing I want to do is have people entrust me with their orders and customs frustrates us for a while now, I make sure I avoid end of year imports, that being year is around the corner and by God's grace, we will all be around then and you can order away!! Thanks for the patronage all these years!!

Who likes Bisa?


Friday, 30 October 2015


So the year is almost over can you believe it?! Where did all that time go?!! Anyways I've been keeping myself accountable heat wise all year long and used heat as sparingly as I I'm here to present my report card in the form of what I've coined 'My 2015 Heat Chronicle'...after I share mine, promise to share yours below and let's see how we have all fared, Deal?! Deal!!

Blow Drying- 

2 times- I blow dried my hair twice this year, recently actually...once, a week before I did my crotchet braids- and last weekend after my fresh texlax at the hub...the rest of the year I usually just air dried.

Roller Set-

1/2 I would say Nil but I remember rolling my hair sometime in the middle of the year and going under the dryer for like 20 minutes before I had to rush out to attend to something (I forget) so I took my hair home with the rollers in it...curls dropped the next day :(

Straighteners/ Thongs/ Crimps-

4 times-These heat tools are the worsttttt but oh sooo tempting!! I like to hide them as far away as I can!! You know when you have so much new growth and your hair is just so thick at the base and feels sooo unmanageable and there's shrinkage(for us the Texlax) you can be sooo tempted to just want to stretch your hair a little  even if it's just so your hair can lie flat instead of puffing up!! Well this year I fell 4 times- The first in April on relax day, then in June I straightened just the back I left out for the Salon Day out, relax day again end of July and my latest relax day in became a relax day ritual because I was eagerly length checking but now I've seen that I progressed I'll have to lay off these tools if my ends have a chance at also helps that I always use heat protecting serums as well as ceramic coated styling tools.

Deep Conditioning

Over 30 times!! Technically this isn't Heat as it's more steam but I'm driving at a point here. There are about 52 weeks in a year and we have roughly 10 weekends left....meaning about 42 weekends have gone by of the 42 weeks/weekends I deep conditioned my hair with a Hair Steamer almost every weekend at my salon and I can attest to the GREAT benefits of regular DC's ladies!! It just makes your hair more manageable!! Your Hair is brittle and breaking off- Increase your DC's, you are not retaining length- increase your DC's, you feel your hair and it's dry and feels like hay- Increase your DC's!! It makes a world of difference...the only thing is that it doesn't have lasting effects, so the more regular it's done, the better the results! Kabish?!

It was a struggle to come to terms with the fact that MY HAIR HATES (DIRECT) HEAT!! Since I accepted this fact and have focused on keeping my moisture levels high whether it's from mid week co- washes, deep conditioning, moisturizing and sealing, I have really seen the quality of my hair improve. You too can keep a Heat Chronicle and tweak it according to what your hair needs...

What other ways can we use heat to our hair and in what ways did you stay heat free this year...feel free to share below.

Have a great weekend People!! If in Lagos, come by the Hub for a DC if you need one, just call 08090613325, I'll be there for a few hours on Saturday :)


Tuesday, 27 October 2015


How's everyone doing? I'm sure from my heading y'all know I'm a happy bunny!! I got to do my last texlax for this year and I'm very pleased with the results!

I used Hawaiian Silky Argan oil relaxer and spent a total of just 12 minutes texlaxing, I also added Avocado oil to my relaxer as I really didn't want my hair over processed...

Even with all the trimming and dusting I have done this year, I was able to retain length, started the year at just past line 3 grazing 4(APL) after I had to cut most of my hair due to the inverted V breakage I experienced once again!!

I pampered the nape area, made sure my ends stayed trimmed(every time I relaxed) and dusted(once a month) and kept up with my hair regimen and I am very happy that my hair is now grazing line 7(BSL). It feels lush, the ends look great and my nape hair is doing well.

JAN '15

OCT '15

I have layers though as the top/ front part of my hair has gotten more hair chopped off than the rest due to the fact that I saw more split ends there. Moving forward, by my next touch up in 2016( God willing), I should be full BSL with lush healthy ends. It is from there we will all have to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and pray!! Because unfortunately for me something always goes wrong to set me back once my hair is that long!! 

BUT Not this time (waves fingers in the air)!! I honestly feel that I've caused the set backs in the past because I tend to neglect my ends when my hair is longer and trim less but as I have seen that I still retained length even if I was trimming regularly this year, moving forward I'll keep trimming and those ends will stay babied!! 

See Pic comparisons with low light;


I was looking through pictures from the start of this year and in this pic I took below on the 17th of January, my nape hair was about  8.5 inches....

Last night, I measured my nape hair, it's about 14 inches people!!

(forgot to take a pic with the tape, will update this post when I do) That's progress right there!!

Like with every journey, there will be ups and downs, it's just important to have your focus fixated on the end goal, be patient and consistent and results are bound to happen!!

So ladies, who has a testimony to share, who is enjoying progress?? Who needs help with a set back? You know I have been through it all!!! Feel free to comment below!


Wednesday, 21 October 2015


For those who follow me on Instagram or look to the top of this blog page where my Instragram pictures are posted, you will see that I recently got crotchet braids done using Freetress Bohemian wave braiding hair-

You can purchase HERE

I've been loving this stress free hairstyle and got asked by a follower on Instagram whether crotchet braids are truly protective or its just hype....I thought about it and came up with quite a few reasons why I absolutely love this hair style technique and here they are.

1. VERY LOW MANIPULATION- Basically all that happens is that your hair is braided down like you'd do if you are getting a weave done and the crotchet hook is carefully passed through each plait and hair is attached strand by strand...

If done properly, there is no pulling or tugging that is experienced, the hair is carefully knotted at the base and voila!!

2. YOUR EDGES ARE SPARED AND YOUR HAIR COMPLETELY COVERED- This hairstyle allows you to save your edges especially if you are styling your hair forward  or to the side, you can simply make sure your edges are left out when the cornrows are being for your hair, not a single strand of it is in the mix  with the say you get braids like these beautiful ladies below, your hair is not at risk of being 'TRIMMED' off while they neaten the braids like stylists in Naija like to do, its also not at risk of being 'CUT' off by mistake when loosening or taking the extensions out.

3. IT'S SOOOO VERSATILE- If your extensions can create a secure knot, then you can use the crotchet technique!! So whether straight or curly, coarse or wavy, long or can create ALL TYPES of looks with this protective style as we love doing at the Hub....

4. GREAT FOR DIYers- Are you an avid DIYer who hates to submit her precious locks to anyone else and you are wondering if you can try this on your own, I say YES INDEED!! As long as you can braid cornrows which don't have to be neatly sectioned by the way, just need to be secure enough with a distinct enough parting if you want one...If you also have good eye hand coordination, all you'll need is a mirror and your latch hook...but your hand go pain sha ( you should be used that one as a DIYer).

5. IT'S QUICK!- Apart from being a very straight forward technique, installation is quite quick once you have the hair ready, taking it out is even quicker if you don't care to keep the hair after. To take down, you simply feel for the knot at the base and snip just above it, the knot will unravel/fall off and that's it...if you want to save the hair though like say you get braids, you will just need to do the reverse and push the braid through the knot- super easy!!

6. Finally, THERE IS NO CARELESS ABANDONMENT of your own hair!! You see with this technique you can very well reach the base of your scalp and oil it, you can spritz through the cornrows to get to your hair and you can oil and massage your hairline and nape hair as much as you want without too much inhibition like with say weaves and braids.

I think with these points of mine listed above, its fair to say that if you are considering using hair extensions, The CROTCHET BRAIDS technique is the ULTIMATE way to protect and style!! Love it!!!

Feel free to share your thoughts below and if you are in Lagos looking for where you can get your hair styled using this know we are here for you at Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub- 30 Norman Williams St. Ikoyi Lagos, Please call 08090613325 to book an appointment!!