Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I list a few of my favorite hair and beauty products for the month of April....I will be doing monthly update videos, so enjoy :)


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Product review- ORS Monoi Oil anti- breakage leave in conditioner with Omega 3 & 6

So as I promised on instagram, here's a review of this leave in conditioner I tried last month. First of I have to say that I love how responsive hair brands have been to the whole natural/ healthy hair movement in the US. A friend of mine was just complaining how she doesn't see half of these products I talk about in the UK and her options are always very limited whereas in the US the reverse is the case....there's all these new products pooping up from hair brands who have done their research and are dedicated to the healthy hair cause...anyways, ORS is one of such brands, this their Monoi oil range of products are their latest I think and most improved in my opinion.

Most of the products in the range are available at SAVVY & CHIC HAIR BEAUTY HUB

This leave in has; Aqua(water), canola oil, glycerin, coconut oil, coco seed butter, aloe Vera juice! olive fruit oil...

* I just list out the oils and natural ingredients, it has a bunch of other chemicals and cones but NO MINERAL OIL.

Our rich penetrating leave in formula features healthy omega 3 and 6 plus antioxidants to protect hair from breakage and protein loss caused by dialing styling, promoting strong, long beautiful hair.

I found this leave in to be quite heavy and very similar to the Cantu Shea butter leave in even in scent. So I did what I usually do with heavier leave-in's, I diluted it!!

Just a little of it with some water and oil of my choice in a spray bottle (shake shake shake)...and it works great!! What I particularly love about the product is that it leaves my hair feeling stronger just like a good protein moisturizer does. This means that I don't have to use it daily as too much of protein is bad so I use it every 3 days, using other non protein moisturizers in between and leaving it to work its magic...and so far so good!!

Will I purchase this again? Absolutely!! It's in a generous 16 oz bottle, affordable like Cantu, works and smells great!!

That's all for my review, as usual if you live in Nigeria and you'd like to purchase any products I review, please follow the link provided above under the picture, call Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub 08090613325 or email

Start gearing up for the 2015 SALON DAY OUT in June people!!! Lots of fun stuff planned for the day!! Can't wait!!


Friday, 10 April 2015

My hair update

It's been a while since I did an update....from my previous posts you will see that I am putting emphasis on protective styling this year as I suffer from major hand in hair syndrome...I can just be sitting watching TV and then start using the TV light to find split ends....cut one then the next then another and before I know it, I stand up leave the living room, go to my room and grab a scissors and start snipping my hair off like a weirdo! LOL

I've noticed that with protective styling like buns, wigs(especially)I leave my hair alone!

Basically I braid my hair into four single plaits after moisturizing and sealing...I try to make them as flat as possible, I make a part either center or side with the plaits making it easy for me to wear my wig cap and have the wig lay flat and the parting match the wig of my choice.

Recently though my main focus has been working on nourishing my hair from I purchased two multi vitamins in gummies form as that makes it easier to pop them in your mouth and chew them like candy on the go...they are Alive women's gummy vitamins and Vitafusion Biotin adult vitamins-

The Alive women's multivitamins contains the following-Vit A, Vit C-60mg, Vit D3, Vit E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Naicin, B, Vit B6, Folic Acid 400mcg, Bit B12 and Biotin 375mcg for each serving
The Biotin gummies have 1000mcg of biotin per serving....

Daily serving

It was the biotin in the vitamins that made me interested in buying these as that's the major vitamin for hair growth so that's about 1375mcg of biotin daily in my system....In the past I've taken biotin supplements and I broke out(pimples everywhere) seriously and that's one of the major complaints people have from hair vitamins so I have been monitoring my skin to ensure that my skin stays clear and it has because I'm guessing the 1375mcg biotin isnt a great quantity like most hair vitamins but just the right quantity for it to improve the health of my hair from within.

I did my research(like I always do) on the proper dosage of biotin to take for hair growth and this is an excerpt from an article I read;

What is the Proper Dosage of Biotin for Hair Growth?
Most adults only need about 30 micrograms of biotin per day to maintain the health of their hair, skin and nails. This is usually derived from a well balanced diet.

However, when using biotin for hair growth, dosage is usually much higher.
Doctors usually recommend a starting dosage between 500 and 700 micrograms of biotin per day, and sometimes as high as 1000 micrograms. Because biotin is safe even at very high doses, many people take as much as 5000 micrograms a day, but any additional benefits to hair growth at this high dosage are questionable. Extra biotin is simply discarded from the body in urine, often resulting in a florescent yellow color to the urine. Biotin for hair growth should be taken consistently over a 3-6 month period in order to see results. Source-

Other things I have been up to hair wise including a lot of current oil of choice is Avocado oil for its extra moisturizing qualities (I have a favorites video I'm going to put up soon on You tube), I've kept my ends trimmed as I mentioned earlier(no chance of that ugly nape breakage happening again) wise I'm gearing up for the 2015 Salon Day Out!!! Y'all as excited as I am??? It's in JUNE again and this time we are taking things up a notch, more giveaways, more activities, more hair brands/companies and a hair competition like never before....from the month of May I will start unraveling the different things I have planned for the June Salon Day Out so please keeps your ears and eyes peeled for those posts!!

How's the growth challenge going? As usual my email is always available if you need some hair advice .

Thanks for stopping by,


Friday, 3 April 2015


How's everyone doing!! Happy Good Friday to all my Christian readers, the ultimate show of love was made on this day many thousand years ago when our savior died for us...we celebrate Him today and always!!

The April import window opened on the 1st of April and will stay open till Tuesday the 7th of April and as part of the EASTER BONANZA I promised, I am offering a BOGO SALE!! Buy 1 get 1 free of the least in value product of your say you order 2 bottles of different hair moisturizers, you will pay for 2 of them and get a third one free!!! Or if you buy two products costing N2000 and N1000, you will get 2 of the one costing N1000, so that means there is a minimum of two products that have to be ordered...hope this explains the sale.

That's an awoof if you know what I mean!! Oh and you guys, I am on a wig roll!! Here's my latest wig that looks like I have braids on;

Its a lace front and the has small braids all round the front and the back has blonde hair at the bottom, the cap is soooo comfi!! Bought it for my plane ride back to Lagos as I was not willing to subject my hair to hours of dryness and rubbing against the plane chair head rest as that leads to split ends!

As usual, wigs and all other hair/ beauty products can be ordered while this import window is open just send me an email- and I will get back to you!!

 Also as part of the Easter Bonanza, Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub is doing a 10% off discount on select products- 

Naija residents you can call or send an email to to order the products pictured and any others of your choice based on availability from today through to Easter Monday!!

That's all for now people!! Have a great holiday and stay blessed!!


Sunday, 29 March 2015

ASK DABS- Hair Regimens, Hair dye, trimming ends

So this post has been a long time coming...last week I had it all written out and was just about to email it and post it on the blog and suddenly the post vanished, just disappeared from my notes section on my ipad...almost smashed it to pieces!! Am I the only one that happens to?

Anyways enough ranting let's get straight to this segment of Ask Dabs :) I like to share some mails here for those who might be asking the same questions and facing the same dilemmas, hope my replies help.

Mail 1- From Sheyi.

Hello Dabs,

Happy new year to ya!!!! I know its almost the quarter of the year already but since this is our first contact this year.  I might as well.

And congrats on your store relocation would surely visit when next I'm in lag.

O well so here goes my hair dilema since i last saw you. My ends have been giving me serious nightmares. Shedding has become a major issue for me as well. I've been steaming quite often and moisturising my scalp as well since i've got dandruff itchy scalp problem as well.

The body of the hair is still nice and healthy. It's just the ends dats my major issue as my hair goal dis yr is length length and more length.

I'll attach a few pics


Thanks for mailing in. I can see the ends from the pictures and my concern is that you might be dealing with split ends that need to be trimmed off before they snap off...when last did you trim your ends...split ends cannot be mended so if you don't get regular trims i.e every 8 to 12 weeks, what happens is that the split ends ride up the hair shaft, ends break off and you are left with uneven thinner ends.

So think about trimming your hair with sharp hair shears, it will take some length away but you will be left with healthier ends that can be retained and grow longer.


Note( not in the mail sent)-Update- Sheyi admitted that she hadn't trimmed her ends in ages and will get them trimmed ASAP!

Mail 2- From Stella

Hello Dabs. Good morning. How are you enjoying your vacation? Bring back lots of goodies oo. Lol.
I'm sorry for adding to your worries but I'm damn near close to hysteria. I'm a contender for the six-inches challenge but for the last month,my hair has been shedding like crazy. I admit I don't moisturize and seal everyday but I at least spray with glycerine + water + oils daily,sleep most days with my satin cap,always with my satin pillowcase, I work in sections; pre-poo,shampoo,deep condition, tea rinse, moisturize and seal weekly and still the hair keeps shedding! I try to eat well and I take multivitamins daily.

I think it all started this day when I did a protein treatment and circumstances prevented me from washing off for about four hours. Please help. I didn't want to bother you and decided to work with the tips you provided on your blog but I seem to be failing woefully and I'm at my wits end.
I'm sorry for this long epistle. I hope to hear from you. Ibadan sends you her love.

P.S. I tried the coconut milk + banana thingy and made the Same mistake you made with your son. I tasted it. Lawd Almighty!!! I understand why he kept coming back for more. Hahaha. My love to the little cutie.

Hi Stella,
Apologies for my late reply, hahaha you tried that hair treat? Lol sooo yum! The shedding could be caused by various reasons...your body might be telling you to slow down as stress can cause excess shedding, your hair could be coming off the resting phase to the shedding phase(there are three phases of growth), you might be using the wrong comb or combing technique and most importantly your hair might be suffering from protein overload....I dare say the most important part of a healthy hair regimen is deep conditioning treatments specifically targeted at an issue..the struggle to always stay balanced with these treatments is tricky so I always advice that they should be alternated, moisture this weekend, protein the next,,,any kind of imbalance might lead to the shedding you are currently facing.

Take a step back and review your regimen, you might find the culprit.


Note( not in the mail sent)- P.S I love talking 'Hair' so there is no mail I get about hair that will 'Add to my worries' :)

Mail 3- From Dr. Faith.

Hi Dabs,
I hope you're enjoying your holiday. I'd like to say a big thank you for helping black women like me realise our hair potentials and inspiring us to reach our hair goals. I faithfully follow your blog and Lesley of Freshlengths because your blogs are the ones I can relate to the most.
In the past year I've come to notice gray hair popping up in different areas of my head. I was so bemused when it became a more regular occurrence. I'm blaming it on Lagos stress! Anyway in the past I'd have run down to the salon and slapped some dye on but since I'm on a hair journey I wouldn't dare for fear of losing all my progress.
I've been looking into using Henna and Indigo but I don't want to end up with green hair if it goes wrong.
Would you be able to shed more light on hair dying without harsh chemicals.
Thanks in anticipation of your response.

Dr Faith Umukoro.

Hi Dr. Faith,
Thanks for reading my blog...I am enjoying the holiday thanks. Apologies for the late reply.
Chemical dyes are a no no because they penetrate into the hair shaft causing the hair cuticles to be raised up and exposed to drying and breakage, non- chemical dyes on the other hand deposit the color on the hair shaft without lifting it, this prevents undue dryness that leads to breakage...Henna is great because it not only colors but nourishes and strengthens the hair as it has protein qualities, I'm guessing the indigo added is so you don't get a red tint but a darker tint which is fine. I would advice soaking the powders over night so the color is released before you apply to your hair also applying a little heat will speed up the processing, so use a shower cap and stay under some kind of dryer.

Hope my reply helps....will love to see before and after pics.


Note( not in the mail sent)-P.S I am always sooooo humbled when people say things like; 'Thank you for making black women like me realize our hair potentials' to this I say no thank you for caring enough to even read what I have to say on this blog, thank you for going a step further to try the advise out and for you that has told all your friends and family about this blog....thank you!! It makes it all worthwhile!!

I will be doing an Easter Bonanza on the blog in the spirit of my thanks and as a precursor of what to expect at the JUNE SALON DAY OUT(yep it's happening again this year and I am striving to make it bigger and better!), this blog is my first love and I am truly thankful to you all for the massive love and support each passing year!!


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My wig haul!!

So I took people emailing me asking me if there was something wrong with my blog for me to realize I hadn't posted this....I got some wigs that I love for various reasons....let's get straight to it!

So The first one I got was the last one and they had it only in this color and I was skeptical at first but I decided to just get it and have it be my 'feeling spicy' wig!

The wig is by a brand called Isis, it comes with a 'silk top' and soft lace, the cap construction of this wig is OFF THE CHARTS! By far the most comfi wig cap I've worn out of all my wigs including the super expensive ones like the RPG show one and that is the first reason I love this is inexpensive at less than $100 unit cost.

I also love that the roots are dark so blending any hairline that showed was not a problem...I used some concealer on the parting as you can see...this creates the illusion of a scalp.

The hair itself isn't 100% human hair but human hair blend but surprisingly I have experienced little shedding, itching or tangling that usually happens with synthetic hair...this must be really top grade synthetic as I can curl and straighten the hair with a curling iron....but who needs to,have you seen these curls they created??


These curls are going No- Where anytime soon!!

In know I love this wig and will be repurchasing it in another color, the great thing about inexpensive wigs is when they give way you can replace them without feeling too bad but when you are spending $400/$500 on a wig?? #girlbye (my new favorite ratchet slang LOL)

Now unto the second sis calls it the 'I'm a mummy' wig but I love this wig for times when I want to change things up a bit...

It's by Freetress and is a little cheaper which was great! The hair isn't human either and was quite shinny when I first got it...eek

However as I've rocked it a few times the shine is going and I love the swoop bang and bouncy curls which I feel will look better as they get looser...

The cap isn't that great but not horrible, just basic and lace on it came with an L part which I thought was neat for people who don't want to invest in a full lace front but compared to the silk top you can easily see that it's inferior in making the hair look like it's naturally parted and the hair is growing from my scalp....but stillllll I love iittttt!

As you well know this year it's all about mastering protective styling for me so my hands are not constantly in my hair all the time causing havoc and wigs are the perfect stylish protective style.

For storage, I stuff the cap with the paper that it came with and then I place it back in the pack and slip the picture over the wig so I can see through when I'm choosing

...been storing my wigs that way and they stay fresh...

Finally when on my head, I like the front to pop up like this;

And I use hair spray to keep the shape in tact...

That's all for now ladies....when the import window opens in April or if you need it sooner feel free to order any of these or any wig of your preference I'll see if I can assist, just contact me as usual-


Monday, 9 March 2015

The Perfect Silk Press on Natural Hair

Hiya ladies,
It's been more than a minute since I set foot here! I feel bad!! I'm on a short holiday in Houston and I didn't know how over worked I was until I got here...I am basking in the waking up early, no hours in traffic, none of all the many responsibilities I have back home but I know myself soon I'll be missing life in Lagos and will be itching to get back...enough of me how is everyone doing?! Hope all is well!!

As watching youtube here is much faster and cheaper, I have been enjoying loads of Youtube viewing and recently I stumbled on 'Silk Pressing''s basically straightening natural hair with the perfect amount of heat and the right products...the results are magnificent...

And after watching tonnes of videos and tutorials especially on 4C hair (most coarse hair texture), Naturalistas here are a few tips for any of  you trying to get silky straight hair that will have people questioning if you've had a relaxer or not.

Tip 1- always moisturize and seal and then use a heat protectant...the amount of heat required can lead to damage if not must be blow dried with a paddle brush or the blow dryer comb attachment...this will allow the natural hair to be stretched out fully.

Tip 2- divide hair into sections(preferably 4 sections) and apply a silk treatment/serum(usually weightless and prevents the hair shaft from swelling thereby preventing frizzing and humidity from affecting the hair) to the first section you will be working on...just a dime size will do, Blow dry that section this time with a round brush this will help voluminize the hair, use cool air to help seal the cuticle.

Tip 3- use a very thin cutting comb and section the freshly blow dried section into very thin sections and use a straightening iron at 450 degrees over that section as close to the roots as possible at least twice using the comb chase method(this method prevents tangles and allows the silk treatment to bond with each hair strand).

Once you are done with that section them move to the next section till you are done with the whole head.

Tip 4- Spray the entire head of hair with a light holding spray to prevent fly aways but don't be too heavy handed so the hair has movement. Remember to also sleek the edges with non- alcoholic gel to have the freshly relaxed hair look.

This method of silk pressing will be available at the hub- Savvy & Chic Salon -30 Norman Williams street off Awolowo rd, Ikoyi, Lagos from April as I am currently investigating which silk treatment line will best work for our hair type and weather to give lasting results. So if interested, maybe you want to have straight hair for a change or you'd like to do a length check or you want your hair to blend with a weave then you can get your hair straightened by us.  

Our Contact- 08090613325. Have a great week!!