Monday, 5 October 2015


So I've been asked this question a number of times...not as a joke but seriously and it got me thinking and researching, as usual below are my findings people!!

Marijuana or weed as it's commonly called or pot to some people, in Naija it's called 'Igbo' refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems and seeds from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. The plant contains the mind-altering chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other related compounds. 

So why would marijuana have any effect on our hair? 

Well, scientifically weed smokers have lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels present in their bodies and High estrogen levels equal rapid hair growth and lowered levels of testosterone. Notedly, smoking week has been seen to stall men prone to balding however this is also why marijuana use is linked to impotency in men because having too high of an estrogen level can cause a ton of problems for men.

Marijuana also speeds up metabolism. A higher metabolism helps our hair grow much faster, biotin works the same way and it's one of the best vitamins for hair growth. There however is a BUT, by boosting your metabolic rate, you can also experience a higher rate of aging. This side effect is prevalent in people of all ages and genders who experience faster metabolisms. So if you are a regular smoker of marijuana, be advised that this can be a cause for hair growth and loss. And of course our bodies do not all react to substances in the same way. So it is also possible to consume marijuana without seeing any of these possible side effects as genetically we are very different.

Now you see the pros and cons, should SMOKING weed be even considered?? An emphatic NO from me oh....first it's illegal then it causes aging and I can increase my metabolism through biotin if I really want to!!

However, there's marijuana in other forms, let's consider!!

One of them is CANNABIS OIL- Cannabis oil is a naturally produced oil derived from leaves/flowers of cannabis plants (Cannabis Sativa = Marijuana varieties) that have been breed by man for high levels of cannabinoids like THC. This concentrated formulation of cannabis is ingested orally. By eating large quantities of the oil over a three to six month period, nearly any disease you can imagine has claimed to have been cured or completely controlled. This is believed to be possible because cannabis works fundamentally through the endocannabinoid system, the super regulatory system of our bodies that maintains homeostasis in the other systems. So if you are having internal health issues that may be causing severe hair damage like thyroidism, Traction Alopecia, skin diseases...this oil might be an option (always ask your health physician before you explore using this oil as an option to treating any hair/health issues).

Then there's HEMP SEED OIL- 
Hemp seed oil has long been recognized as one of the most versatile and beneficial substances known to man. Derived from hemp seeds by crushing the seeds of a different variety of cannabis plants (Cannabis Sativa L. = Hemp) that have been breed for hemp seed oil which does not contain THC and is safe and nutritious for all to consume. It can also be used for the hair as the oil is infused with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids that provide hair with the necessary nutrients it needs to remain healthy and strong. 

These oil options seem more viable and safe and I have actually brought in Hemp seed oil in the past for ladies during the import window openings( The October window is open by the way, hit me up if you need anything).

I hope my research has answered in general the question about using weed to grow hair, I remember a product called Kuza that has Indian hemp in it-

 I remember using it excited that it was growing my hair, long time ago...well I don't think it had that much impact on it as it is also packed with petrolatum....anyone know this product? What's your take on hemp based products?? Please share below.



Tuesday, 29 September 2015

New MUST HAVE addition to my Skin Regimen- Vit C Serum!!

Been meaning to update the Dabs talks Beauty Page with this relatively new addition to my skin regimen...I am not a beauty/skin care junkie by any chance but my Mum and Sister (who is finally starting a skin care blog by the way) are, over the years they have tasked me to take better care of my skin especially as I suffer from major sun damage whenever I don't, so lately I finally heed, I've started using the most amazing SPf spray(which I will blog about)- used it for over 6 months and I also introduced this Vit C serum to my regimen...

The thing is, when I was pregnant for my second son, my skin was in the worst shape it has ever been,  just horrible and for the first time in my life I was dealing with acne on a major scale all over my forehead, below is a picture, look closely you can see the bumps even though I used foundation to cover them up...

By the time I had Anaz, my forehead was seriously discolored due to all the scaring from the acne and melasma (pregnancy mask)...see me on delivery day as I received my bundle of joy!!

Friday, 25 September 2015


So I decided to share this email I got from a blog reader as I found it interesting...especially because of her last statement about going natural as I've had a lot of ladies say they are going natural when they encounter such set backs and have wondered if it truly is the remedy...  

 Good day ma......I'm one of the contenders of the 6 inches challenge, I'm a student and as such I really don't have time for My hair. At the beginning of the challenge I followed a healthy hair regime but when school resumed there was no time again for my hair I just left it and had braids installed once for 3 weeks in the whole time in school. Now school is on break and I really don't know where to start from, My hair is really dry and I think it's as a result of the relaxer I've been using (a no lye relaxer ) My scalp is very sensitive so I can't switch to a lye relaxer and I've relaxed My hair just twice this year,the first time I did it myself cause most Haiti Salons don't know good to apply relaxers,the second time I told the hair dresser what to do and she really didn't get I'm thinking of going natural because I can't self relax and no one really seems to get it.My hair is already really due.thanks alot

Thanks for your mail and for entering the challenge...I don't think the relaxers which from your mail you have used just twice are the cause of the dryness you are experiencing. You haven't mentioned anywhere where you deep condition your hair regularly and it still stays dry...deep conditioning makes a world of difference when managing new growth because the hair strands are infused with great benefits from the treatments applied on the hair but these effects last just 3/5 days max and the wear and tear of the environment plus styling like braids etc take the hair back to its original state of dryness but if done regularly, overtime the hair strands adapt and become stronger and less prone to's like having a store house, the more you put in it the less likely it is going to get empty even if say a cockroach or rat is in there chipping at its essence what I advice is to take your focus off blaming relaxing, going natural will not make your hair less prone to dryness, if that's why you are going natural, if it's because of the relaxing process then I do agree that lye relaxers are harsher on the scalp but if you base your scalp with Vaseline and work fast you will hardly suffer any burns, I have a post on relaxing-

heres a link on texlaxing-
Another link-

Focus more on improving the quality of your strands and making them resistant to dryness, brittleness and breakage and that's all what regular deep conditioning treatments have mentioned how busy you are that's why I haven't touched on a daily hair routine which helps to back up the deep conditioning...if you can squeeze out time every other day to moisturize and seal your hair root to tip, in between deep conditioning, you will also see the quality of your hair improve.

Hope my reply helps.

Happy Sallah to all the Muslim readers out there!!


Friday, 18 September 2015


Today's topic is all about deep conditioning which is an integral aspect of being on a healthy hair journey. When I first started my hair journey, I did overnight DCs very regularly, basically applied the DC mix to my dry hair, massaged it in, covered hair with a nylon bag and a silk cap and went to bed, the logic was that my natural body heat produced from wearing the nylon bag or shower cap will open my hair shaft and allow the strands absorb the products and the longer the better.

The process I described above is essentially what steam treatments do but in a much shorter time, the steamer produces steam, your hair is covered and the hair shaft swells and opens up allowing all the product you've applied sip into the hair, all this usually in twenty to thirty minutes....

As I got busier and more prone to just tiredly falling on my bed after a long day with less time or energy to sit and apply any kind of concoction to my hair, I decided to do my research, would it be less effective if I stopped overnight DCs or DCing for long hours and just stick to making out time to get a steam treatment at Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub?

Well here are my findings...
Generally speaking,increased time and temperature increases the amount of product adsorbed into the hair shaft. This is because the hair has a maximum absorption time for surfactants (surfactants diffuse in water and adsorb at interfaces between air and water or at the interface between oil and water, in the case where water is mixed with oil examples include emulsifiers), hydrolyzed protein, silicones etc which are usually found in DC conditioners and their properties allow them to be absorbed into the hair shaft within seconds of applying the conditioner.

If left on the hair for longer, the amount will in general double within 10 minutes. If left on for another 10-20 minutes, the amount will increase by another 60-100% of the mark set at 10 minutes. However after 30 minutes from initial application, there are no more increases in adsorption to the hair. The reason for this is that the hair conditioner simply has no more places on the hair where it can stick to as all gaps which it can plug and all surfaces where it can attach are occupied.

Specifically speaking, absorption time is affected by the ingredients in your DC mix and their unique behaviors when applied to your hair, for example the PH level of the DC conditioner should generally be between 6-7 for the conditioner to work well to increase adsorption to hair. Below and above this range, the behavior of the conditioner can become a little more erratic and results may vary that's why some conditioners work well as DCs and you can feel an instant change to the texture and manageability of your hair after use and others leave your hair feeling BLEH!!

The different quantities of ingredients also affects absorption. For example, a conditioner which contains 0.2% hydrolysed protein will be able to leave about 20% more protein on the surface of hair compared to one which has 0.1%.  The result is more dramatic for surfactants with a 0.2% conditioner able to adsorb 80% more to the surface than a conditioner with 0.1% surfactant.

The reality is, manufacturers will not tell you how much of an ingredient is contained in the jar, so you have to try the product and trust that your hair will tell you whether the product has too much or too little of the ingredient you are looking for same with adding other natural concoctions like honey, yoghurt, mayonnaise, eggs etc.

Now the aim of my research was to find out if my hair was missing anything by doing SHORT DC's and I'm glad that the general answer is an empathic NO but does that make LONG DC's wrong? I don't think so, if for any reason I've had my DC on my head all day on a Saturday because I was too busy around the house, have I somehow ruined my wash day experience, I think basically means that after the stipulated time of absorption and my hair absorbed all it could, the rest of the time my hair was just sitting pretty waiting to get rinsed out, it's like taking biotin or any multi vitamins for that matter, the body absorbs what it needs and the rest is sent away to be disposed through the don't beat yourself up if you happen to forget a treatment on your hair for more than thirty minutes and don't beat yourself up either if all the time you had to spare for your treatment was thirty minutes....hope you get my drift (don't send me emails with the subject * WAILING FOR MY HAIR DABS *Crying profusely rolling on the ground, my DC was in my hair for 1 hour Ahhhhhhhhhh* LOL).

And on that note, I'll be heading to the hub for my 30 minutes DC this evening as that's all the time I have to spare- No more guilt, Yayyy!!

Who's giving her hair a treat this weekend?? C'mon it's just 30 minutes, make out time....feel free to share your concoctions below!!



Monday, 14 September 2015


How's everyone doing, hope the weekend. This weekend I decided to finally open my tub of Cow Butter graciously given to me ages ago by a blog reader from Kastina.

I had it stored away in my deep freezer all this while and took it out prior to using it for a few hours and left it to thaw,when it was thawed, I scooped some out (it smells like sour milk/yogurt ) mixed it with Hair trigger in Vanilla pound cake to mask the smell and added some olive oil conditioner and some drops of oil.

Not the prettiest sight...
 I applied the mix on my dry hair;

Saran wrapped and went under the steamer, washed my hair after like an hour and it felt really great...Manshanu (Cow butter) is a heavy oil based butter and from my research its oil content is great for detangling and deep conditioning and it did just that...

Will I be trying this treat again? Hell ya!! However, I will use much less of it next time as I realized a little goes a long way and the greasy feeling and smell all over me is just gross.

Who gave their hair a treat this weekend?

Friday, 11 September 2015




How's everyone doing? Hope well...I'm finally back home and will be uploading all the posts from my note pad back to back...this is the first post up. 

On the 22nd of August I had the honor of being the bridal hairstylist to one of my closest pals and I must say it was a nerve wrecking/ fun experience!!

A few weeks prior to the big day, she came by the house and we looked through a few hairstyles on the internet and settled on this one;

A simple low bun, sleek bow with a side swoop...she came by the house again for a trial and this time she wanted the hairstyle  modified so that it didn't cover her forehead, home girl did not want anything distracting her vision or hair sticking to her forehead as she danced with the Hubs!!

So we got to work, the main challenge was how to get the low bow to look well formed and stable and I knew right away that it will require lots and lots of bobby pins and hairspray;


THE D DAY; I got to her hotel suite really early, all her bridesmaids were there and some friends so there was abundance of gist which was great but very distracting!! She gave me till 8 am to finish so I put my game face on and brought the hairspray out, straightened the leave out which was all around, sleeked out her hair (I would have loved to supervise the fixing of the weave though to ensure it was completely flat, I had to deal with some bumps here and there) and started to create my bow...

For the bow all I did was put the hair in a ponytail, use some hair on the left and swooped it over the center, pinned the end of the swoop to the base of the center, repeated that step with some hair on the right and then pin curled the hair in the center of the ponytail upwards and secured with a pin making sure the bow was well fanned out and secured then I used hair spray and ecostyler gel to sleek it all out... Here are pics;

All in all I had an amazing time getting the hair done, was I done at 8 am... well 8:05 am was more like it, LOL. For a first time experience I would rate myself a solid 7 and hopefully improve as more brides come along!! :)

Was my version of this hairstyle close enough? Any experienced bridal stylists in the house? Feel free to share tips!!

Thanks for stopping by,