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Sunday, 22 February 2015


FAUX LOCS ARE SO IN RIGHT NOW...Everyone loves them, both ladies that are natural or relaxed and I have been drooling over getting them done for at least a year!!


If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I promised to put up a post on INSTANT FAUX LOCS...A technique that I came up with after spending a sleepless night one night trying to figure out how I'd rock faux locs without enduring hours of discomfort, pain and sheer frustration!!

We have had a number of clients come in for regular faux locs;

And after hours on end I can feel their frustration, it honestly 

takes the whole day!!! Even with as many as 3 stylists 

tugging at your the end, the hair is no doubt 

beautiful but the clients are tired and in pain and so are the 


Something had to be done....*cue superman music*

Anyways, without much ado, I had my stylists create the 

individual locs on a thread; I wanted just 25 locs, you can 

make them what ever size you like...

Then I twisted my hair in big sections as they attached each loc to my hair- I will not divulge exactly how that was done as it is a trade secret for now *wide grin*...

All it took was an hour forty five minutes as I took note and 
that was because my hair is longer and needed more time for my stylists to skillfully attach each loc to my twists and conceal the hair!

The result was really real looking faux locs which I have been rocking and loving for a whole week,except when its time to sleep- not the most comfortable hairstlye!!

I plan to keep them in for another week before I take them out as I miss my hair....but guess what?

When I take them out, the locs will still remain INTACT!! Allowing me to keep them and use them the next time I choose to rock faux locs....seeing as I used about 5 packs of Marley hair, this is very cost effective as most of you will know marley hair is not cheap or easy to come by in these parts.

Et Voila!! Faux Locs without the wait, pain or strain!!

To book an appointment, Please Call 08090613325 or email I and my stylists will be glad to 

hook you up!!


Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Its that time of the year, had my first texlax on Thursday at 10 weeks post after battling with the idea of stretching to 12 weeks last touch up which left one part of my hair really under processed made it really hard for me to manage my new growth so I decided to go ahead and texlax it before I suffered a set back.

I texlaxed with my relaxer of the past 4 years....

This time I did things a little different, I wanted to ensure that I texlaxed my hair as accurately as possible, so I added a cap full of extra virgin avocado oil to my relaxer and mixed it thoroughly...this slows down the potency of the relaxer...

The next new thing I did is something I have wanted to try for a while but been quite lazy on relax day to try it...I divided my hair into 2 sections and applied the relaxer to one section, smooth it out and rinsed it within 15 minutes, before I started work on the other half of my hair.

This allowed me take my time to go through each section of the hair without rushing through the whole head like in the past where I would be left with one section more processed than the other.
I will be using this method to texlax moving forward and will offer this method at the hub.( Call 08090613325 to book a texlax appointment if in Lagos :)

When I was done I was left with the best most even texlax I have ever had;

Few inches from being fully texlaxed!
As you can see I am loving the way my hair looks, I still have very few bone straight ends to go as you can see in the picture below;


Bone straight ends left...

After a little trim, I did a little comparison with my length check T- shirt and was pleased to see that my hair was now comfortable past line 3 and was now on line 4 meaning I had retained length from my last length check when my hair was primarily on a 3.


My hair now after my trim...grazing line 4;

Oh and let's see how my middle back hair is recovering from this;

Here it is;

Looking great!!
I feel so much better about my hair, more confident...loving the fullness and the movement...I will never sacrifice healthy ends for length ever I said before, if it will take me longer to get to my goal length of full MBL then I am willing to pressure, its not a race nor a my dear readers watch and learn how to COME BACK from a SET BACK!!

Naija Hair Can Grow Oh!!


Wednesday, 11 February 2015


How's everyone doing? Hope well!! I'd like to share my latest project with you all- It's with my beloved Shea Butter and I have called them- SHEA BUTTER CUPS!! And I am giving 2 away!!!

Growing up, the reason why I hated Shea butter- 'Ori'; was the smell!!! My mum tried to make me use it to massage my legs so I would not have 'Salee' or 'Yams'- (Strong legs) but I never used it!! Thankfully I don't have 'YAMS'!!.
With the advent of my healthy hair care journey, I quickly learnt that Shea Butter is a great moisturizer and sealant not just for the hair but for the skin too...last year when we opened the hub I decided to make a Shea Butter Station part of the store, offering ladies shea butter like Ice cream with different scents like Chocolate, Peppermint/ Tea Tree oil and Fruity.

It's  been a hit as its an in expensive way to try shea butter whipped to perfection :), this year I decided to take things up a notch by creating these butter cups that look and smell like Icecream or cupcakes;



HONEYSUCKLE BUTTER CUP- Contains pure honey!!

These SMELL DIVINE (Personal favorite is the lemon butter cup) and are whipped with different essential/carrier oils, fragrance oils,  humectants like glycerin and honey...they are colored with a colorant that is safe for the skin and hair and piped nicely into these containers...

One cup costs N800 only and a box of 3 this season with Valentine themed wrapping is N2500- To Order please visit or call and pick up options available(only in lagos)!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and will be giving out 2( 1 each), if you'd like to be one of the 2 ladies, you need to live in Lagos(Sorry to Non- Lagosians, still figuring out a way to transport it to long distances) and you will be willing to come pick it up yourself at 30 Norman Williams st, Ikoyi Lagos...if that sounds good to you then hit me up- Subject- I want a butter cup. The first 2 mails I receive that qualify are my winners...

Thanks for the love all these years, Happy Valentine's day in advance!!


Sunday, 8 February 2015


Hope everyone is good, dashing in here quickly to first announce that the FINAL CONTENDERS LIST FOR THE 6 INCHES OF GROWTH CHALLENGE has been updated(If you sent your picture before the 23rd and still haven't seen the picture up, please let me know as there is still time...we have a whole year to grow retain our growth!!)... and also to post up the HAIRSTYLE OF THE WEEK...Which I think can be customized for shorter lengths, just tuck the fishtail braid in or make a bun but that plait across the hair is gorgeous!!

Have a blessed week ladies!!


Tuesday, 3 February 2015


How's everyone doing? Hope well. I am soooo excited to first announce Savvy & Chic Hair/Beauty Hub's move to a bigger more spacious space off Awolowo road-

It's situated at 30 Norman Williams st, Ikoyi off Awolowo can call 0809061335 to book an appointment if you want your hair done. Read all about how I transformed the space from what it was to how it is now soon on my Interior Decor with Dabs page.

In the mean time lets get right to it....the 'Diamond in the rough' series is a series I started a few years ago to showcase and review made in Nigeria products, sharing if they were great finds or no good(in my humble opinion) this post I will be reviewing 3 products from 3 Nigerian brands which I support and love to work with, this review is honest and straight to the point...

First up is African Naturalistas Moisturising & Detangling Conditioner.

Claims; Conditions your hair and helps rid of tangles...our conditioner is manufactured to help you achieve the goal of softer hair in a short is sure to leave your hair feeling smooth and soft.

Ingredients (will write mostly on ingredients I recognize and leave out the chemicals);

AN Ingredients-Aqueous, Cteryl alcohol, Coconut oil, Glycerin, Stinging nettle...

My Review-I LOVE the consistency on this product....It is so watery and the perfect detangler because it has so much slip! However I generally prefer my detanglers in spray bottles like mane and tail detangler so I can control the product without wasting it because I tell you I used this product through out December and it kept my hair very moist and soft during the harmattan and finished before I'd have liked it to :(....Back to how moist my hair was, it was sooo moist, I can see this product being great for Naturalistas/Hairlistas with thick coarse manes as my hair is quite coarse...but those with finer textures or thinner hair might find this product advice is to use very little at a time and build up as you deem fit.

The smell is alright, a bit medicinal which I don't mind, though when I saw it contained coconut oil I was hoping more of the coconut oil smell will come's got bits in it which I am guessing is from the stinging nettle but to my pleasant surprise, the bits don't get stuck in your hair like say flakes of unrefined henna, they just vanish when I applied I guess.

My verdict: I loveeee this detangler...what it did for my hair during the harmattan over in Abonnema Village I would have needed a full bottle of mane and tail detangler plus my water/glycerin mix plus a moisturizer like Elasta QP to get my hair to be that moist and stay that moist! AN you guys have a winning formula with this one, please stick to it!

Next up, Natural Nigerian Moisture & Shine Detangling Leave in Conditioner-.

Claims- Can be used to detangle as well as improve the general manageability of your hair, it contains plant derived active ingredients...which nourish your hair, protects it from heat and helps retain a vibrant color.

Ingredients- Aloe leaf extract, coconut oil, glycerin, hydrogenated olive oil, Parthenon, keratin, hydrolized keratin, hydrolized quinoa, hydrolized corn starch, coconut alcohol, Beet root extract, Shea butter, olive oil, lecithin, orange peel oil...

My Review- as you can see from the list above with me even leaving out the chemicals, that this product is PACKED!! Out of the three this was the first I tried the AN one, the consistency is delightfully very light weight and liquid feeling, you won't believe it has all that stuff struck me more as a nice moisturizing sealant than a detangler though as you can see from the ingredients that it doesn't contain water, the glycerin in the bottle settles when the bottle sits for a while and you can see a separation, the aloe Vera and glycerin are the moisturizing factors making the slip great but from the ingredient list and the way my hair felt, it also has protein qualities of strengthening which are contained in the keratin and all the hydrolized orishirishi, so its perfect if your hair is breaking but also means it should be used with caution to avoid protein overload, I'd recommend maybe every few days instead of everyday use.

My Verdict- Love it!!! The smell, the feel, the slip....everything! Just wish it was bigger in quantity.

Finally, the last diamond in a rough is from a company I have featured in distant past- Namaste Organics, this is their Avocado and Coconut extra moisturizing leave in conditioner. is excellent for keeping your Afro locs, weaves, braids and curls in excellent condition, soothes dry itchy scalps, keeps hair soft and helps to retain shine.

Ingredients- Aqua, Aloe Vera, shea butter, coconut oil, boabab oil, olive oil, neem oil, avocado oil, almond oil, rosemary oil, ylang ylang oil, peppermint oil, petah ol, Vit E oil, Glycerin, Rosewater....

My Review- Can we Say PACKED?!! This product is very very packed with essential oils and you can tell, it is the thickest of the three making it better as a butter type moisturizer than a detangler/conditioner, it smells very zingy and fulfills it's claim of soothing the scalp thanks to I presume the peppermint oil and rosemary oil it contains. I used this more like a sealant and if I want to classify where it falls under in the LOC(Liquid, Oil and Cream) method, I would say it falls under C- cream while the other two for me fall under L- Liquid.
I also love the shine it leaves on my hair as it left the most shine of the three again I'm guessing because it contains so many oils and Shea butter. It also contains pro-vitamins( Pathenol) which I have read is great for the hair as it conditions the hair and makes it more manageable.

My verdict- Great product, I can imagine how much shine it will leave on natural locks, I definitely recommend it as a moisturizing sealant.

With that my dear readers, I will conclude by saying, these diamonds in a rough are worth keeping!!

Well done to my Nigerian brands, keep the flag flying...I dream of a time when The Savvy & Chic Hub and hair/beauty stores will be filled with mainly Proudly Naija products that are at par with international brands, from packaging to feel to the results they deliver....that time is slowly but surely coming!!

But in the mean time, the first IMPORT WINDOW of the year opened on the 1st of February and will close on the 7th so please feel free to send in your orders to


Monday, 26 January 2015


Again its kind of late due to a hectic schedule...but here's a cute style I found off Instagram, if you get to try it and post it, please tag me in it...

Instagram- @tjluvsbeingnatural
Have a great week people!!


Saturday, 24 January 2015


All month long, contenders for the challenge sent in starting pictures up until yesterday which was the deadline.

So without further ado, here are the contender's for 2015's growth challenge...



























FOLAKE joins the race again;

There you have it...30 ladies have entered this year's challenge and 1 winner will emerge as the winner at the end of the year(God willing)- She will win $100 and a goody bag from Savvy and Chic hair/beauty hub and two other runner ups will get goody bags as well....I tried to reply each entry I got wishing the contender good luck but if for some reason I didn't reply your mail due to an oversight then my apologies, here's wishing everyone of you and even those who didn't send pictures but are challenging themselves to grow their hair this year... the best of luck....again this blog and so many other blogs are packed with resources to help you along this journey so...DON'T DULL, DON'T SLACK....NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW!!!