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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My Most Personal Post!!

How's everyone doing? Hope well...
Lagosians, do you find that sitting in Lagos traffic can bring out all sorts of emotions from you?Well it's one of those mornings, I am stuck in traffic and with nothing else to do, I start to reflect...
If you don't like mushy stuff or can't be bothered about my personal life, you can skip now, if you'd like to know more, click READ MORE

Friday, 29 August 2014


Hope all is well at your ends! This post is all about my new found intrigue for wigs as a protective style. How can anyone not be intrigued with the beyond fabulous wigs everyone is wearing these days! Sometimes I have to do a double take...had to get in on the action and as I researched, I soon discovered that things have completely changed.

In 2010 when I last was into wigs, I bought them all! Half wigs that required the front part of the hair to be left out(not as protective as I'd liked) then lace wigs came along but most of them had the strongest scratchiest laces that barely made a parting, so after buying 3 or 4, I gave up! Then there was the hair quality to contend with! Those cheap and cheerful synthetic wigs shed like crazy! Even those that claimed to be human hair were questionable but like I said, things sure have changed...if you are like me just getting updated in the game, quality wigs now have super cool features that you need to be aware of...let me list them...

I am not talking about clothing! After doing my research, I found that nowadays wigs now have what's called a "silk top"-

As you can see from the picture above, silk tops basically give the appearance that the hair is growing from the scalp, though the color of the silk top in this picture is way too light to be a black woman's scalp but I've seen really good silk tops that make the wigs look so realistic and the best bit is you don't have to leave any hair out!!

Bleached knots; If silk tops are not your thing, then maybe bleached knots will do!

 Basically, the roots of the lace front wig are bleached a lighter color so it blends better with your hair line and parting!(Who thinks of all these things!lol)-Some people have tried to do this on their own but its risky business as the color might not come out right and look all orangey!!

Yaki texture;After countless You Tube videos on wigs, I got EDUCATED!! Well apparently, Yaki textured wigs are better for us women of color because they mimic our hair texture when its relaxed and straightened. So if you are getting a wig and there's an option between Yaki and silky textured, get the yaki texture.

Wash and Deep condition; Yup!Wigs these days are made from high quality actual human hair(which actually grosses me out and I don't like to ponder too much on that aspect), so when you get them, most people say its best wash and deep condition them especially if they have been dyed a lighter color. This is to take off any residue and stiffness from the processing of the wigs.

Full lace-French lace;There are lace front wigs and there are full lace wigs, after seeing all the reviews on You Tube, I think full lace wigs made from soft french lace are the way to go because you can part them how ever you like!

Glue less cap; From what I gathered,these are better than

caps requiring glue like the picture above...don't get me started on glued lace fronts from 2010!! Ladies were gluing these wigs to their foreheads and eyebrows!!LOL...well nowadays wigs simply come with combs and adjustable straps making them super comfortable and snug without the commitment;

Baby hairs; Let me talk like my African American sisters, 'Girl how you gonna get a wig without them baby hairs? you know that ain't right!!.'LOL!! Nowadays wigs have baby hair around the hairline but PLEASE don't lay them like back in 2010, they are best used to blend the little hairline hair you leave out if you so choose.

Like I said gone are the days ladies left the house in wigs like this;
Is this even a wig?!! LOL wetin person no go see!!

So you know that after all this wig research, I had to get one from the most talked about and hyped wig company on You Tube- RPGSHOW!!!Website. If you go on You tube and search for wig reviews, you will see that this company makes THE BEST lace wigs in the market, most of their wigs are celebrity inspired so you can have the Kim Kardashian wig or Beyonce and a host of others, after debating on which one to get, I settled for...the BEYONCE WIG *Wide grin*

Remember when Beyonce wore this hairstyle;

Well they created a wig that looks just like it;

Choose it because of the color and cut, cant wait till its here, I'll do an unboxing video on my youtube channel, I like those a lot :)

Well that's all for this post, for those that have been in the dark about wigs, hope you enjoyed getting updated!

For this weekend's treat, I whipped up a CHOCOCOCO Hair gloss basically made from pure cocoa powder and coconut oil, I personally added Hair trigger in mine to address shedding....It smells DIVINE!!!

Benefits include; 

Adding shine and smooths out the hair shaft. Cocoa has flavanoids, rich in magnesium,  protein, riboflavin, vitamin A and thiamine; minerals that helps to combat hair loss. Contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants than many other sources on Earth, which is also really great for your skin. 
Also, if used consistently over time, the cocoa powder can darken the hair strands
COCONUT OIL; Strengthening- bonds with protein bonds in the hair, moisturizes the hair and prevents it from being dry and brittle.

As usual this treat is available at the Hub this weekend- 34a Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi Lagos.

Thanks for stopping by!!

PS. Have you seen the changes I've made to the blog- well I edited the shop NHCG and turned into the NAVIGATE NHCG Page, I picked basic topics for hair journey beginners and posted the direct links to posts I have written over the four yearS span of this blog, check on it if you are new in the game or refer someone to it that's just starting out. 


Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Its been a while since I blogged about how my hair is doing, what products I've been using and all the fun stuff!!

Let's get straight to it...right now my hair is 13 weeks post relaxer and I am stretching 3 more weeks to get to 16 weeks post relaxer( 4 months) which is currently the longest time I have ever stretched. Ironically, this strech has not been as unbearble as I would have guessed, been so busy that before I realized, I was 12 weeks post relaxer...I also have done crotchet extensions twice within this time and that must have contributed to me breezing through this stretch.

I am starting to come to terms with my absolutely different textured back hair (nape hair) must be like a 4Z!!!! I say this because that section of my hair is the driest, most sensitive, split end prone, kinkiest part of my hair. It's that section of my hair that has always thinned out forming my infamous V and It's at it again;

As you can see in the pic above, the shorter back strands are at APL and the rest of my hair is comfortably at Bra-strap...this is when I usually hack off the rest of my hair to APL because I want equality...but after doing it twice and seeing the same thing happen, I refuse to be INSANE( Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results), all I can do now is to give that area of my hair the ultimate TLC that I possibly can and nurture it as I go along, it can get to bsl and the rest of my hair is MBL and that's alright!

In my search for a solution I found that I'm not the only one with the problem, even hair guru's have dealt with it at some point in their journey. I found this post by JEN of JUST GROW ALREADY most helpful(she even went on a 6 months challenge to grow her's out- instead of hack all her hair off like I've done- TWICE!! wish someone told me :(. Well here's the post, I do EVERYTHING she wrote except I use my own choice of products, check this post out if you are having thinning/breakage in your nape area...Just Grow Already Nape challenge post.

As for my products of choice? Lately I have fully embraced the product junkie within, I have so much stash that I am spoilt for choice!! I've been loving Natural Nigerian's leave in for daily moisturizing the most though,

so light weight and ridiculously easily rivals Shea Moisture curl milk!! For sealing I've been using coconut and almond oil.

 My hair has been benefiting GREATLY from the treats I have been whipping up for the hub(stay tuned for this weekend's treat announced latest Friday).  I don't drink alcohol but my hair sure loves beer!

For co-washing I have been using Garnier's new damage eraser conditioner-

recommended by a NHCG reader, LOVE IT!! It has to be a staple from now on!! Of course the Savvy & Chic luxury satin caps have helped me retain my moisture(we have such a variety now, holla if you need  one- 08090613325 or email

We also have a variety of satin pillow cases to match- delivery is available nationwide;

Sleeping with a satin cap/pillowcase need not be boring any longer!! That's all for now ladies, thanks for stopping by!!


Friday, 22 August 2014


Hope all is well at your ends! Well I was looking at old pics of my hair the other day and it took me back to when I started my hair journey in 2010, I recall that after I cut my hair to neck length I couldn't wait for my hair to be long you know what I learnt to do? Fake it till I got it :)

Here are 5 easy ways to style your hair when its about neck/shoulder length creating the illusion on longer tresses and keeping people guessing.

1.Use props- The best props by far have to be hair doughnuts


Simply wrap your ends around a faux doughnut and instantly transform your bun to a full juicy and round doughnut!

2.Use Bobby pins-This is also a great way to give the illusion of fuller hair, it will require you playing around with your hair, pinning the sides, bumping up the middle like you can see in these pictures;

3.Leave your longest parts out; This is such a nifty trick that I used to do all the time!! If its your front hair or your sides or back that's the longest, just leave a few strands dangling around while the rest of your hair is tucked away, it gives the illusion that all your is as long;

4.Do a double ponytail-I learnt this a while back and I must say its the best way to elongate the length of your ponytail especially if the back of your hair is longer than the rest, its super easy to do and nobody has to know *wink*...

5.Faux bobs- Create the illusion of fullness and are great for transitioners who are dealing with different hair textures, I have made it very known that I loveee faux bobs on this blog;

And with that, I conclude my 5 ways to fake it till you've got it post!!

Onto other business, the past couple of weekends I have announced on this blog, weekend treats I whipped up for the hub, well I am back again with this weekend's treat- 

made of; you guessed it, Banana and Avocado as the main ingredients, then I added coconut oil, other essential oils, locally refined palm kennel oil...

To prevent the fruits from going brown (oxidizing), I added lime juice but any acidic fruit will do. 
If you are in the Lagos environ, join me at the hub- 34A Awolowo rd, Ikoyi to indulge in this treat.

Benefits include;

1. SUPER CONDITIONING- Banana's are emollients(they attract moisture), are rich in potassium and vitamins A,B,C which all help moisturize and condition the hair.

2.Avocados contains many proteins and vitamins, including A,D, E and B6 as well as magnesium, folic acid, amino acids, copper and iron, all of which can help with both hair growth and nourishment.

3. Coconut oil and Palm Kernel oil are both incredibly rich in nutrients, fatty acid that penetrate the hair shaft and promote softer, more manageable hair.

With that, I hope you join me and give your hair a treat this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, 18 August 2014



So I uploaded two new videos on You tube after months of procrastinating...

One is of me styling my twists from June;

The second is my review on the LUSH Cosmetics I got in July..

Let me know what you think...I'm still getting a hang of making You tube videos but I definitely enjoy making them.


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beyond the expiry date- how to know when your hair products have gone bad.

How's everyone doing? Hope well.  I am back with a new post I think will be helpful for fellow product junkies in the house. I cannot tell you how many products sitting in my products basket under my vanity are over one year old!

Now the issue is, most of these products don't have expiry dates written on them and though they are mostly made to have long shelf lives with the preservatives used, with the rise of a more organic approach and the use of less preservatives, I think we have to be conscious of the products we use especially after they have been on the shelf for a year... why I say this is because recently, I was moisturizing and sealing and humming away when I reached for an old bottle of a leave in(I will leave the name out) but I'd had it since 2012(covers face) and I wanted to use up the last bit, I poured the contents in my hand and what I saw is what inspired this post....

So here are signs that your hair/beauty product might have gone bad...

The smell is off...that's a tell tale sign, don't even think of using a product that smelt like coconut when you got it and now smells like rotten eggs!!

The consistency is off...if it was creamy and fluffy when you got it and it is now coagulating, runny or feels weird, time to bin it!

The color has changed...this is another tell tale sign, for me the product I mentioned earlier, changed from a cream color to a greenish algae color!!Gross!!

The packaging looks strange...the bottom might have started melting away, the cover might become rusty, the once strong to squeeze bottle is now as soft as a cheap plastic might be telling you it's outlived it's lifespan...

I wish a relative of mine read this before she lost all her hair because of expired relaxer!! I saw her after not seeing her for a while and all her hair had chopped off, I asked why and she said, she went to a salon to relax her hair, they got the relaxer that they were selling, opened the box and applied it to her hair, she instantly felt burns and asked for them to hurriedly wash it off her hair, as they did, all her hair fell off!!! She said one glance at the pack of relaxer told her that the relaxer must have been very old and very expired!!!

This point on packaging leads me to an observation I'd like to share; products in pump bottles or nozzles like this;

Tend to be safer and have longer shelf life than products in. Tubs like this;

Why because, the act of dipping your fingers in the tub allows for transfer of bacteria and this contributes to products going bad quicker. So while I am not saying you should avoid using products in tubs( no way!) I recommend that you use them up within a year of purchase or at least before you use up the ones in nozzles and pumps if you have a stash like I do. I'll be using the ones that passed my test up all month long.

With that this blog topic is concluded, do you have any more tests for products gone bad, please share below.

In other news, the weekend treat available this weekend at the hub is a BEERSSENTIAL RINSE- Consisting of, you guessed it- 100% malt lager BEER 

The malt and yeast in beer is said to leave hair strong, shiny, and bouncy.

Best used on heat damaged hair because it contains wheat protein which will help fill missing gaps in the hair shaft.

It makes your hair appear thicker, as the protein sticks to the hair fibers. 

It contains vitamin B which is good for healing damaged hair, the 'SSENTIAL' in the name above stands for the essential oils mix we will be adding to the treat for nourishment and shine.

To indulge in this weekend treat, simply visit us at 34a awolowo rd, Ikoyi Lagos or call 08090613325 for an appointment. This treat costs N1000 only.


Sunday, 10 August 2014


I made an ACCENT WALL in my dinning area, if you like such things click my INTERIOR DECOR WITH DABS Page.

Check on it.  Feel free to share your ideas